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Feb 9, 2009


Wait a manizzle! Songs about waiting and the emotions evoked!
(see message at end)

Frank Zappa - Wait a Minute (0:31)
Yellow Matter Custard - Wait (2:42)
J. Geils Band - Wait (3:27)

Spinner's Section:
songs about waiting

Veldman Brothers: waitin' (G.Veldman) (Home, self-release, 2007)
Fabulous Thunderbirds: wait on time (K.Wilson) (Girls Go Wild, Takoma, 1979)
Dr. Feelgood: don't wait up (W.Birch P.Astles) (Brilleaux, New Rose, 1987)
Soul Drivers: don't keep me waiting (A.Santana) (Tight White Dress, BluesTime, 1999)
Greg 'Fingers' Taylor: waiting on ice (Nicholson, Wilson) (New Fingerprints, Appaloosa, 1992)
Mighty Reapers: waiting for a miracle (R.Susz) (-, Terra Nova, 1993)
Darrell Nulisch: wait for me (D.Nulisch, S.Gomes) (The Whole Truth, Severn, 1998)
Hamilton Loomis: you got to wait (H.Loomis, E.McDaniel, S.Smith) (Ain't Just Temporary, Blind Pig, 2007)
Tom Waits: can't wait to get off work (T.Waits) (Small Change, Asylum, 1976)

Back to Beardo:

Keith Sykes - What Are We Waiting For (3:04)
Ellis Hooks - Waiting for the Rapture (3:11)
Frank Goldwasser with The Alastair Greene Band - I'm Gonna wait (5:35)
Floyd Lee - GOT LOVE NOW WAITIN (2:37)
Eugene Hideaway Bridges - I Can't Wait (3:45)
Ian Moore - Wait For The Sun (3:39)
Jimmy Thackery - Getting Tired of Waiting (3:51)
Harvey Mandel - Long Wait (2:46)
Boz Scaggs - Waiting for a Train (2:41)
Anson Funderburgh & The Rocke - Waitin' on You, Mamma (3:47)
Indigenous - Waiting For You (5:09)
Steve Earle - I Can Wait (3:16)
Albert Castiglia - Sittin and Waitin (3:36)
Beverly "Guitar" Watkins - As I Was Waiting (3:16)
Big Sugar - Still Waiting (5:30)
Bill Rhoades & the Party Kings - Waiting and Worrying (3:54)
Collard Greens and Gravy - Gonna Wait Till A Change Come (3:17)
Curtis Salgado - Don't Wait Until Tomorrow (1000 MPH) (5:41)

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