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Sep 27, 2009

All Covers

J.Geils Band - Sno-Cone (3:24)
Magic Dick - Nine Below Zero (2:56)
Kinsey Report - The Game of Love (6:02)

Spinner's Section:

Assassins: it's so hard (Gibbons, Hill, Beard) (No Previous Record, Seymour, 198?)
ZZ Top: I thank you (Porter, Hayes) (Degüello, Warner Bros, 1979)
Robert Palmer: TV dinners (Beard, Gibbons, Hill) (Drive, Universal, 2003)
Tinsley Ellis: I take what I want (Hayes, Hodges, Porter) (Moment Of Truth, Alligator, 2007)
Huey Lewis & the News: mother in law (A.Toussaint) (Four Chords & Several Years Ago, Elektra, 1994)
Willy DeVille: goin' over the hill (F.McDowell) (Horse Of A Different Color, EastWest, 1999)
Joe Cocker: river's invitation (P.Mayfield) (Hymn For My Soul, EMI, 2007)
Bjørn Berge: am I wrong (K.Moore) (Stringmachine, Blue Mood/Warner Music, 2001)
Robert Palmer: am I wrong (K.Moore) (Drive, Universal, 2003)
Dr. Feelgood: I'm a real man (J.Hiatt) (Brilleaux, New Rose, 1987)
Nighthawks: trouble comin' every day (F.Zappa)
(Pain & Paradise, Big Mo, 1996)

Back to Beardo:

Dave Hole - Think It Over (3:10)
Buddy Guy Feat. John Mayer - I've Got Dreams To Remember (4:56)
Tab Eenoit - Crawling Kingsnake (4:41)
Ramones - When I Was Young (3:16)
The Blueprints - Why Get Up (4:35)
Randy California - I Don't Want Nobody (4:27)
Guy Forsyth - This Is Hip (4:01)
Dt's / Steve Marriott - Walking the Dog (4:32)
Bobby Radcliff - The Twist (5:28)
Chris Bergson - Are You Experienced? (5:14)
The all purpose blues band - You Can Leave Your Hat On (5:40)
Joe Bonamassa - Reconsider Baby (6:51)
Electric Flag - Wine (3:15)
Billy Hector - Back Door Man (3:53)
David Lindley & El Rayo-X - Papa Was a Rolling Stone (5:00)

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