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May 17, 2009


Tony Vega Band - Send Me (4:09)
Bill Perry - Gettin' Down (3:09)

     Spinner's Section:
     more harmonica stuff

John Lee Williamson: stop breaking down (R.Johnson) (The Original Sonny Boy, Saga Blues, 2004)
Sonny Boy Williamson: too young to die (S.B.Williamson) (In Memoriam, Chess, 1965)
James Harman: sad to be lonesome (S.B.Williamson) (Extra Napkins, Rivera, 1988)
Little Walter: back track (W.Jacobs) (Boss Blues Harmonica, Chess, 1972)
BelAirs: rocket in her soul (Pruitt) (Need Me A Car, Blind Pig, 19??)
Walter Horton: groove walk (E.Herbert, B.Guy) (The Soul Of Blues Harmonica, Chess, 1964)
Bacon Fat: up the line (Smith, Piazza) (Grease One For Me, Blue Horizon, 1969)
Shakey Jake: never leave you (J.Harris) (The Key won't Fit, Murray Brothers, 1983)
Rod Piazza: little southern lady (R.Piazza) (So Glad To Hae The Blues, Murray Brothers, 1988)
Norton Buffalo: puerto de azul (N.Buffalo, J.McFee) (Lovin' In The Valley Of The Moon, Capitol, 1977)

Back To Beardo:

L.C. Good Rockin' Robinson - Ups & Downs (3:30)
Kid Andersen W/Andy Santana - The Nightmare (Nowhere To Run) (10:24)
Little Walter & His Jukes - Don't Have to Hurt No More (3:03)
Robson Fernandes - The Time That I Loved (3:44)
Treat Her Right - Tied to the Tracks (2:10)
Ricky Gene Hall And The Goods - Blues Leave Me To (3:35)
Big Bill Morganfield - Trapped (4:13)
Albert Cummings - Lonely Bed (7:36)
Chris Duarte - Something Wicked (13:05)
Dave Hole - Vintage Wine (4:13)
Vargas Blues Band - Black Cat Boogie (5:12)
The Black Keys - Heavy Soul (2:08)
Tinsley Ellis (Kevin McKendree) - Get to the Bottom (5:07)
Willie Kent - A Man and the Blues (7:41)

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