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Nov 6, 2011


Carlos del Junco Interview Part 2

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John Hammond Jr (with The Nighthawks) - Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (Hot Tracks 1979)
Johnny Winter - Serious As A Heart Attack (Serious Business 1985)
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Dance For Me Girl (LIVE! In Chicago 2010)
Scott Ellison - Who Will Be the Fool (Ice Storm 2008)
Jim Allchin - Back in the Swamp (Overclocked 2011)
Ron Hacker & the Hacksaws - Diddley Widdley (Back Door Man 2000)
Bert Deivert - Lula (Kid Man Blues 2011)
Yank Rachell - Black Snake (Blues Mandolin Man 1990)
Sean Chambers - Strong Temptation (Long Island Blues Warehouse 2011)

Spinner's Section:
Paladins: hold on (3:52) (-, Big Beat, 1988)
Jimmie Vaughan: let me in (4:46) (Do You Get The Blues?, Antone's, 2001)
Angela Strehli: headed south (4:52) (Blue Highway, MC, 2005)
Big Joe & the Dynaflows: move it or lose it (5:10) (All Night Long, Severn, 2000)
Lou Ann Barton: I'm old enough (3:52) (Old Enough, Asylum, 1982)
Johnny Copeland: honky tonkin' (5:06) (Make My Home Where I Lay My Hat, Demon, 1982)
Kris Pohlmann Band: got to let you go (3:31) (New Resolution, self-release, 2009)
Big Blind: strike me blind (3:52) (Dressed To Win, Cool Buzz, 2007)
Fenton Robinson: I'm so tired (3:51) (I Hear Some Blues Downstairs, Alligator, 1977)

Back To Beardo:

Scott Ramminger - There Must Be Something Wrong With You (Crawstickers 2011)
Ian Siegal & The Youngest Sons - The Skinny (The Skinny 2011)
John-Alex Mason - Gone So Long (Jook Joint Thunderbolt 2011)
R.j. Mischo - Too Cool for School (knowledge you cant get in college 2009)
Carlos Del Junco & The Blues Mongrels - A Fool's Alibi (Mongrel Mash 2011)
Oz Noy - Twisted Blues (Twisted Blues Vol.1 2011)