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Feb 5, 2011

New listeners... heads up... pick a different show to listen to for a more representative experience of our show... thank you!

I don't have time to type out the incredibly frustrating experience of producing this show. Now I see I didn't encode it to .mp3 before I uploaded it. Sorry, but you must deal with it. It will probably be omitted from iTunes too.

See ya' next week.....


Damn... it sucked gettin' this show done from so far from my home office...

Carlos del Junco Band - Bailey's Bounce (Steady Movin' 2008)
Big Guitars From Texas - Ride Of The Ruthless  (Big Guitars From Texas 1985)
Big Joe & The Dynaflows - Bad Luck Blues (I'm Still Swingin' 1998)
Roomful Of Blues - Just A Little Love (Hook, Line & Sinker 2011)
Eugene Hideaway Bridges - Real Hero (Live in San Antonio 2009)
Retro Deluxe - You're Lyin' (Watermelon Tea 2010)
Victor Wainwright and the Wildroots - Planet Earth (Beale St to The Bayou)

Spinner's Section:
Jimmie Vaughan: tilt-a-whirl (4:56) (Strange Pleasure, Epic, 1994)
Jimmy Thackery & the Drivers: that dog won't hunt (7:24) (Inside Tracks, Telarc, 2008)
Fleetwood Mac: trying so hard to forget (4:50) (Mr. Wonderful, Blue Horizon, 1968)
Eddie Boyd: she's real (3:00) (7936 South Rhodes, Blue Horizon, 1968)
Blues Traveler: sweet talking hippie (6:22) (-, A&M, 1990)
Fay Lovsky: eye to eye (3:59) (Fay Lovsky & La Bande Dessinee, Basta, 1996)
Bluesiana Triangle: life's a one way ticket (5:34) (-, Windham Hill, 1990)
John Hall: going to the valley (1:02) (Action, Columbia, 1973)

One more from Beardo:
Danny Gatton and Tom Principato - Howz Yer Sistah? (audio from a PBS show available on DVD from Powerhouse Records)