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Feb 24, 2013


Rev.Jimmie Bratcher - 57 (Secretly Famous 2013)
Frank Bey & The Anthony Paule Band - Still Called the Blues (You Don't Know Nothing 2013)
Big George Brock - So Long (Homeward Bound: a Loving Tribute to John-Alex Mason 2013)
Jo Harman - Better Woman (Dirt On My Tongue 2013)

Spinner's Section:

Woody & Paul: tail lights blues (5:27) (Sons Of Bitches, Munich 2007)
Wynonie Harris: good rockin' tonight (2:47) (Battle Of The Blues, Charly 1986)
Roy Brown: ain't no rockin' no more (2:36) (Battle Of The Blues, Charly 1986)
Steve Nardella: you're gonna need my help (5:53) (Daddy Rollin' Stone, Schoolkids, 1993)
George Bedard & the Kingpins: cold cold feeling (6:56) (Upside!, Schoolkids, 1992)
Silvertones: one chance with you (2:55) (One Chance With You, Blind Pig, 1977)
Mark Wenner: chitlins con carne (4:36) (Nothin' But..., Powerhouse, 1989)
Spencer Davis Group: take this hurt of me (2:43) (Gimme Some Lovin', Island, 196?)
Paula Lockheart: the boy got burned (3:54) (It Ain't The End Of The World, Flying Fish, 1979)
The Blasters: this is it (2:14) (-, Slash, 1981)

Back To Beardo for some VIOLINZE!!

Geoff Achison & Adrian Keating - Stepping Stones (Classically Blue 2011)
John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers - Took the Car (USA Union 1970)
The Heavy Pets - On The Waves (Whale 2005-7??)
David Bromberg - The New Lee Highway Blues (Wanted Dead or Alive 1974)
Frank Zappa - Fifty-Fifty (Over-Nite Sensation 1973)
Jean-Luc Ponty, Stephane Grapelli - Bowing - Bowing (Art Of The Jazz Violin 2003)
Django Reinhardt & St├ęphane Grappelli & The Quintet of the Hot Club of France - Minor Swing (Masters Of Jazz & Swing)
Jerry Goodman - Lila's Dance (Visions of an Inner Mounting Apocalypse: A Fusion Guitar Tribute 2005)
The Dixie Dregs - The Bash (King Biscuit Flower Hour 1979)