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Jan 26, 2013


Robin Sylar - Shot Time (Tricked Out 2004 with Wes Race)
Slim Harpo - The Hippy Song (Slim Harpo Knew the Blues 1970)
Pat Boyack - Shotgun Slim (Voices From The Street 2004)
William Clarke - Hod Dog And A Beer (Tip Of The Top 1987)
Claude Hay - Narrow Mind (I Love Hate You 2012)
Big Joe & The Dynaflows - Face The Facts (You Can't keep A Big Man Down 2011)
Steve Guyger - The Philly Shimmy (Last Train To Dover 1997)
Janiva Magness - How Much Longer (Use What You Got 2003)
Jeff Turmes - You Look Like a Clown (Every Day's My Lucky Day 2002)
Anni Piper - Little Redhead (Two's Company 2009)
Big Joe Turner - Boogie Woogie Country Girl ( The Very Best Of... 1998)
The Nighthawks - Blind Love (LIVE at the Bottom Line 1990 when Jimmy Hall and Jimmy Nalls were Nighthawks)
Jimmy Nalls - Good Luck, Money & Gasoline (Ain't No Stranger 1999)
Terry Hanck - Ooh Lawdy my Baby (Night Train 2005)
Paul Reddick & the Sidemen - Smokehouse (Rattlebag 2001)
Woody & Paul - Booze 'n Bicycles (Sons Of Bitches 2007)
Rev Billy c Wirtz - What I Used To Do All Night (Sermon From Bethlehem 2006)
Wes Race - Ludella Small Blues (Cryptic Whalin'! 2007)
Spinner's Section:
Cadillacs galore

Ford Blues Band: Cadillac (4:24) (Another Fine Day, Blue Rock'It, 2003)
Big Joe & the Dynaflows: black Cadillac (2:29) (Cool Dynaflow, Tramp, 1992)
Marc Benno: black cadillac (3:27) (Take it back to Texas, Sky Ranch, 1990)
Candye Kane: je n'en peux plus sans ma Cadillac (2:41) (The Toughest Girl Alive,
Bullseye, 2000)
Crazy Hambones: courting in a Cadillac (3:21) (Blowin The Family Jewels, Stormy Monday, 2007)
R.J. Mischo: courtin' in a Cadillac (2:14) (West Wind Blowin, CrossCut, 1999)
Doug Jay: when I get lucky (3:11) (Jackpot!, CrossCut, 2005)
Bob Pearce: Cadillac assembly line (4:47) (Keep On Keepin' On, Tramp, 1992)
Nick Curran: women and Cadillacs (2:57) (Fixin' Your Head, Texas Jamboree, 2000)
Watermelon Slim & the Workers: devil's Cadillac (4:04) (-, Northern Blues, 2006)
Alexander: V8 Cadillac (4:29) (Play To Win, Tramp, 1995)
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings: Cadillac woman (3:30) (Just for a Thrill, Ripple, 2004)
Nighthawks: pretty girls & Cadillacs (3:01) (-, Mercury, 1980)