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Dec 1, 2012


Hit The TIP JAR please....

Dana Gillespie: it ain't the meat (2:42) (Below The Belt, Ace, 1984)
Moreland & Arbuckle: so low (5:27) (Just A Dream, Telarc, 2011)
Angela Strehli: Austin's home of the blues (4:45) (Blue Highway, MC, 2005)
Leon Redbone: that old familiar blues (3:42) (Up A Lazy River, Private Music, 1992)
Otis Rush: laughin' and clownin' (4:01) (Any Place I'm Going, House Of Blues, 1998)
Bob Dylan: ain't talkin' (8:48) (Modern Times, Sony, 2006)
Gary Moore: Texas strut (4:51) (Still Got The Blues, Charisma, 1990)
Lyle Lovett: long tall Texan (3:27) (The Road To Ensenada, Curb, 1996)
Gary Primich: texas love kit (3:59) (Dog House Music, Antone's, 2002)
Guy Clark-Tornado Time in Texas (3:27) (Workbench Songs, Dualtone, 2006)
Cold Blue Steel: southern women (3:28) (Driving To Mexico, Pee Wee, 1995)
Matt Schofield: lights are on, but nobody's home (6:36) (Siftin' Thru Ashes, Nugene, 2005)
Roy Rogers & Norton Buffalo: I still can't forget you (4:24) (Travelin' Tracks, Blind Pig, 1992)
Porkroll Project: you ain't seen mean (6:35) (-, self-release, 2004)
Carla Olson: is the lady gone (4:40) (Within An Ace, Watermelon, 1993)
Koerner, Ray & Glover: whomp bom (3:07) ([Lots more] Blues, Rags and Hollers, Elektra, 1964)
Big Blind: russian roulette (3:44) (Circus Left Town, Cool Buzz, 2009)
Jumpin' Johnny Sansone: crawfish walk (3:06) (Cresent City Moon, Bullseye Blues, 1997)
Fried Bourbon: same old world (3:17) (Boogie Blend Blues, Music Arena, 2007)
Eric Bibb: new home (3:47) (Booker's Guitar, Telarc Blues, 2010)
Livin' Blues: I came home at night (7:04) (Wang Dang Doodle, Philips, 1970)
Studebaker John: outside lookin' in (4:40) (Nothin' But Fun, Double Trouble, 1990)
Ian Siegal: god don't like ugly (3:50) (Swagger, Nugene, 2007)

Beardo's section:

The Siegel-Schwall Band - Three Pieces for Blues Band and Symphony Orchestra, op.50 - 1. Part !,2 & 3 (Russo: Street Music; Three Pieces / Gershwin: An American in Paris 1972 for more info: Click Here