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Jan 7, 2012


Ernie K-Doe - Mother In Law (New Orleans Jukebox Gold Vol. 2 2010)
It`s A Beautiful Day - Wasted Union Blues (It`s A Beautiful Day 1969)
The Persuasions - I Just Can't Work No Longer (Frank Zappa Carnegie Hall [1971 10 11] - [Disc 1

David Bromberg With los Lobos - The Long Goodbye (Use me 2011)
Eilen Jewell - Warning Signs (Queen of the Minor Key 2011)
Dave Alvin - Two Lucky Bums (Eleven Eleven 2011)
The Beatles -  (Yer Blues The BEATLES (Disc 2 Remastered 2009)
Chris Spedding - The Only Lick I Know (The Only Lick I Know LP ????)

Spinner's Section:

Ron Tanski: marvelous night for the blues (Dragged You Down, 2009)
Barbara Blue Blues Band: low down dirty dawg (Love Money Can't buy, 2006)
Al Anderson: crazy like a fox (Party Favors, 1988)
Junior Valentine: fishin' in my pond (I Can Tell, 2000)
K-Floor: brick (Rats Live On No Evil Star, 2000)
Jimmie Bratcher: I love my baby (Red, 2005)
Paul Thorn: buckskin Jones (Pimps & Preachers, 2010)
Terry Hanck: somebody have mercy (Night Train, 2005)
Bert Deivert: come back baby (Kid Man Blues, 2011)
Sandy Mack: drunked (Still Going Strong, 2009)
Brian Blain: overqualified for the blues (Overqualified For The Blues, 2005)
Mac Arnold & Plate Full o' Blues: going back home (Nothin' To Prove, 2006)

Back to Beardo:

Captain Beefheart - You Know You're A Man (Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) 1978)
Frank Zappa - Black Napkins (Donna You Wanna 1977)

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