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May 15, 2011


Proceeds go to HART fund

Albert Castiglia - Gettin' By (Keepin On 2010)
Little Feat - Skin It Back (LIVE Valentines Day 1976 Winterland Available at Wolfgang's Vault $5.00)

Spinner's Section:

Allen Toussaint: lover of love (3:17) (The Allen Toussaint Collection, Reprise, 1991)
Jumpin' Johnny Sansone: anything anytime (4:10) (Cresent City Moon, Bullseye Blues, 1997)
Erja Lyytinen: I need love (to get over you) (3:26) (Dreamland Blues, Ruf, 2006)
Alain Clark: this ain't gonna work (3:14) (Live It Out, 8 Ball Music, 2007)
San Pedro Slim: having a hard time (5:59) (Another Night On The Town, Tramp, 1997)
Kim Wilson: the hustle is on (2:51) (Tigerman, Antone's, 1993)
Fried Bourbon: 'fry' day (4:37) (Boogie Blend Blues, Music Arena, 2007)
Veldman Brothers: waitin' (4:35) (Home, self-release, 2007)
Blaze Foley: wouldn't that be nice (1:30) (Oval Room, Lost Art, 2004)

Back to Beardo:

Wallace Coleman - Going Down Slow (The Bad Weather Blues  2003)
Victor Wainwright and the Wildroots - Someone Like You (Beale Street To The Bayou 2009)
Lee McBee - It's Your Voodoo Working (Soul Deep 2003)
Anni Piper - Amazon (Chasin' Tail 2010)
Two-Tone Steiny & The Cadillacs - Happy Hour (Pocket Full Of Money 2008)
Slo Leak - Drunk (Slo Leak 1996)
Ruff Kutt Blues Band - The Fowler Street Stumble (Mill Block Blues 2011)
Scrapomatic - Man Gone, Need Drink (Scrapomatic 2003)
Stringbean & the Stalkers - Don't Even Thing About It (Little Monster 2002)
Ray Manzarek; Roy Rogers - Those Hits Just Keep On Comin' (Translucent Blues 2011)
Davina and the Vagabonds - Start Runnin' (Black Cloud 2011)