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Feb 19, 2011


ALL VINYL!!!! Picture is a hint....

The Nighthawks - Upside Your Head (The Nighthawks (Mercury poisoning)1980)
Toru Oki and The Nighthawks - Pretty Girl, Cadillac & Money (Bad Boy Live 1983)
Mark Wenner - My Starter Won't Start (Nothin' But... 1989)
Buzzy Linhart - Eye 1-2-C-U Shuffle (Buzzy)
Dean Friedman - S & M ("Well, Well," Said The Rocking Chair)

Spinner's Section:

Peter Green: rubber duck (3:40) (45 rpm single, Decca, 1967) (So Many Roads, Decca, 1968)
Climax Chicago Blues Band: a stranger in your town (4:14) (-, Sire, 1969)
Mike Morgan & Crawl: I've got a good thing (5:30) (Raw & Ready, Black Top, 1990)
Howlin Wilf & the VeeJays: don't have to take no more (3:11) (Blue Men Sing The Whites, Waterfront, 1987)
John Mayall: me and my woman (3:59) (Crusade, Decca, 1967)
Blues Burglars: hoochie coochie man (4:58) (Breaking In, Red Lightnin, 1986)
Amos Garrett, Doug Sahm, Gene Taylor: teardrops on your letter (4:02) (The Return Of The Formerly Brothers, Stony Plain, 1987)
Steve Samuels: be careful with a fool (6:31) (Saturday Night Blues, Blue Sting, 1984)
Solomon Burke: cry to me (2:31) (45 rpm single, Atlantic, 1962)

Back To Beardo:

Climax Blues Band - You Make Me Sick (FM Live 1973)
Edison Electric Band - Smokehouse (Bless You, Dr. Woodward)
Pete Brown - Aeroplane Head Woman (Pete Brown and pibloklo Collection 1969)
John Hammond - It's Too Late (Southern Fried 1970)
The Belairs - Too Hot To Handle (Need Me A Car 1984)
The Amazing Rhythm Aces - Who Will The Next Fool Be (Full House/Aces High 1981)
Nick Lowe - Ba Doom (Nick the Knife 1982)