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Jan 21, 2011

Don't ask... #372 next week...


On The Cruise...

Big Guitars From Texas - Boomerang  (Big Guitars From Texas 1985)
Curtis Mayfield - Just A Little Bit Of Love (New World Order 1996)
Damon Fowler - Cypress In the Pines (Devil Got His Way 2011)
John-Alex Mason - Write Me A Few Of Your Lines (Jook Joint Thunderbolt 2011)
Roomful Of Blues - Kill Me (Hook, Line & Sinker 2010)
Shemekia Copeland - It's 2 A.M. (Deluxe Edition 2011)

Spinner's Section:
Bessie Smith: lost your head blues (2:54) (St. Louis Blues, Audio CD + DVD, 2005)
Big Sugar: round & round (4:43) (Heated, Capricorn, 1999)
Harper: watch your back (4:04) (Day By Day, Blind Pig, 2007)
Al Copley: the bad guy in the blues (5:31) (Automatic Overdrive, Rounder, 1989)
Bobby Radcliff: animator's convention (3:16) (Universal Blues, Black Top, 1991)
Amazing Rhythm Aces: get down (3:58) (Out Of The Blue, Breaker, 1997)
Gurf Morlix: up against it (3:12) (Diamonds To Dust, Blue Rose, 2007)
Ellis Hooks: was it something I said? (5:03) (Godson Of Soul, Evidence, 2005)
Moreland & Arbuckle: bound and determined (2:30) (Flood, Telarc, 2010)
Big Blind: my ol' suitcase (3:28) (Circus Left Town, CoolBuzz, 2009)

Back to Beardo:
Guy Forsyth - Good Time Man (Live At Gruene Hall 2010)
Ian Siegal - Like Hell (Broadside 2009)
Colin Linden - Hook's In The Water (Southern Jumbo)
Keef Hartley Band - Overdog (Overdog 1971)
Carlos Guitarlos - Hole In My Pocket (Blues Revue 2006)
The Animals - Worried Life Blues (Lysergic Blues - First 2007)