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Jul 13, 2008


Dennis Gruenling - You're Sweet (3:39)
Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials - Hold That Train

Spinner's Section:
more acoustic blues

Eric Bibb: storybook hero (E.Bibb, B.Saunders) (Diamond Days, Telarc

Blues, 2006)
Bobby Charles: goin' fishin' (B.Charles) (Last Train To Memphis, Rice

'n' Gravy/Proper, 2004)
Sean Costello: sail on (John Lee Williamson) (Call The Cops, Blue

Sun, 1996)
Fred Neil: handful of gimme (F.Neil) (Bleeker & MacDougal, Elektra,

Bjørn Berge: who do you think you are (B.Berge) (Stringmachine, Blue

Mood/Warner, 2001)
Sonny Landreth: juke box mama (S.Landreth) (The Road We're On, Sugar

Hill, 2003)

Back To Beardo:

Blodwyn Pig - The Squirreling Must Go On (4:22)
Kid Ramos - Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy (4:01)
Eric Sardinas - This Time (4:13)
Fenton Robinson - The Getaway (3:21)
Frank Zappa - Directly From My Heart To You (5:16)
Ron Hacker & the Hacksaws - Broke And Hungry (4:56)
North Mississippi Allstars - I'd Love To Be A Hippy (4:54)
Anni Piper - Untrue (4:36)
Neil Young - Ordinary People (18:12)

18th Annual Bandana Blues (Harmonica Blowout!!) August 2nd
for info