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Jul 6, 2008


Carey Bell - Last Night (5:13)
Guitar Slim - Twenty-Five Lies (2:14)
Eric Gales - Me And My Guitar (3:49)
Jerome Godboo - Janey Jane (3:04)
James Cotton - Keep Cooking Mama (4:53)
BB Chung King and the Buddaheads - Cold heart cash (4:13)
Storyville - Searching Understone (4:03)
Alexis Korner - Operator (Feat. Robert Plant) (4:38)
Lance Lopez - El Paso Sugar (5:42)
Hazmat Modine Yesterday Morning(5:10)
Oli Brown - Stone Cold (4:28)
Gary Primich - Jailbird (2:54)
Scrapomatic - Killing Yourself on Purpose (4:32)

Spinner's Section:
ladies & acoustic blues

Bonnie Raitt: back around (B.Raitt, H.Koite) (Silver Lining, Capitol,

Angela Strehli: going to that city (O.M.Terrell) (Blonde & Blue,

Zensor, 1992)
Patricia Kaas: chanson d'amour pas finie (D.Barbelivien, F.Bernheim)

(Mademoiselle Chante…, Polydor, 1988)
Barrelhouse: hard feelings (T.Schoemaker, J.LaPorte) (Walking In

Time, Munich, 2002)
Madeleine Peyroux: always a use (M.Peyroux) (Dreamland, Atlantic,

Rory Block: M & O blues (W.Brown) (Best Blues And Originals,

Munich/Rounder, 1988)

One More From Beardo:
Kid Ramos - Harmonica Hangover (with Charlie Musselwhite and Ric

Estrin) (3:36)