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Sep 21, 2008


Chris Whitley 07-24-21 War Crime Blues (4:04)
Elvin Bishop - What the Hell Is Going On (3:39)
 Spinner's Section:
all live tracks
El Fish: hangin' over (De Bruyn, Casteels, Ieven, Derison) (Hooked,

Rana, 1999)
Ron Levy: it's hot in here (O.Spann) (Blues-A-Rama #1, Black Top,

Anson Funderburgh & the Rockets: pawnbroker (Taub, King)

(Blues-A-Rama #1, Black Top, 1988)
Hoax: scratch my back (J.Moore) (Live Forever, Credible, 1999)
Electric Kings: too many drivers (trad) (Live @ BRBF 2005, Naked

Production, 2005)

Back To Beardo:

The all purpose blues band - Last Two Dollars (4:27)
Humble Pie - For Your Love+ Hallelujah (10:05)
Dt's/Steve Marriott - Don't Lie to Me (4:36)
Blender Blues- Bonnie Live (5:25)
Bobby Radcliff - Please Have Mercy (4:35)
Alexis Korner - How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live (2:39)
Guy Forsyth - Faith (3:38)
David Lindley - Mercury Blues (3:51)
Dave Specter - Texas Top (6:38)