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Jun 23, 2008


Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys - Shade Your Woman (3:07)
Stringbean & the Stalkers - Stalkin' (3:06)
Dennis Gruenling - Teenage Beat (5:48)
Mikey Jr. - Car Troubles (2:10)

Spinner's Section:
ladies & blues

Ruby Turner: one time around (Walker) (Guilty, Indigo, 1996)
Candye Kane: gifted in the ways of love (C.Kane, J.Tempchin) (Diva La Grande, Antone's/Discovery, 1997)
Dana Gillespie: scream blue murder (D.Gillespie, D.Malin) (Blue One, Wolf, 1994)
Trijntje Oosterhuis: Billie's blues (B.Holiday) (Strange Fruit, Blue Note, 2004)
Angela Strehli: a stand by your woman man (A.Strehli) (Deja Blue, House Of Blues, 1998)
Shannon Curfman: no riders (S.Curfman, K.Bowe) (Loud Guitars Big Suspicions, Arista, 1999)

Back To Beardo:

Seasick Steve & The Level Devils - Cheap (4:05)
Albert King - Ooh-ee Baby (3:58)
Jackie Payne Steve Edmonson Band - Can I Hit It Again (4:08)
Bo Diddley - Nursery Rhyme (2:48)
Eddie Hinton - My Searching Is Over (2:19)
The Nighthawks - Yeah Man (4:34)
Duke Robillard - Stratisfied (8:24)
Dave Hole - You Got The Blues (4:42)
Earl Slick - A Change Is Gonna Come (5:02)

18th Annual Bandana Blues August 2nd