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Jun 9, 2008


Canned Heat - So Sad (The World Is In A Tangle) (7:55)
John Mayall - The Bear (4:40)
Bo Diddley - Pretty Thing (2:50)
Stringbean & the Stalkers - Stringbean Strut (3:16)

Spinner's BACK!!!!
Barrelhouse: hang on to the things you do (Schoemaker, LaPorte)
(Walking In Time, Munich, 2002)
Tom Principato: in orbit (Principato) (Really Blue, Voodoo/Dixiefrog,
Bob Dylan: million miles (Dylan) (Time Out Of Mind, Columbia, 1997)
Paul Butterfield Blues Band: mellow down easy (Jacobs) (The Original
Lost Elektra Sessions, Elektra, 1995)
Boyd Small: paper bag (Small) (…So Easy, Cool Buzz, 2001)
Mark Ford & the Blue Line: try'n to get away (Ford) (-,
CrossCutt/Blue Rock'It, 1998)

Back to Beardo:
Eddie Hinton - Make It Easy on Me (3:25)
Imperial Crowns - Mr. Jinx (3:14)
Schofield, Matt Trio - Cookie Jar (5:49)
Watermelon Slim - Take off Your Masks (4:27)
Anni Piper - Blow My Cares Away (3:46)
Jimmy Thackery & the Drivers - Sinner Street (4:14)