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Apr 28, 2008

 Ben Bowen King - Satan - Surely Your Evil Empire Will Fall Someday
 Anthony Gomes - War on War (7:04)

Spinner's Section:
somewhat odd stuff

Chuck E. Weiss: Jimmy Would (Weiss) (Extremely Cool, Rykodisc, 1999)
Jerry Fish & the Mudbug Club: it don't get much better than this (Whelan) (Be Yourself, self-release, 2002)
The Rhythm Junks: major blue 2 (S. De Bruyn, W. Baeken) (Virus B-23, HKM, 2004)
Robert Randolph & the Family Band: going in the right direction (R. Randolph) (Warner Bros, 2003)
Jumpin' Johnny Sansone: Popeyes and a hubigs, part 2 (Sansone, Olivarez, Riggs, Starboard) (Cresent

City Moon, Bullseye Blues, 1997)
T-99: round & round (Lenoir, Dixon) (Coo Coo, Cool Buzz, 2001)
Greg Brown: almost out of gas (Brown) (Over And Under, Trailer Records, 2000)

Back to Beardo:

 Scrapomatic - Horsemeat  (4:00)
 DeGuello - Come On Let's Go (1:59)
 RJ Mischo - Too Little Love (4:04)
 Bobby Rush - Bobby Rush For President (4:47)
 Paul Mark - Smartest Man In The World (3:19)
 Mississippi Heat - Hell and Back (5:31)
 Duke Robillard - They Raided The Joint (4:52)
 Patrick Sweany - Burma Jones (2:53)
 Rick Fowler - Infected with the Blues (4:17)
 Amos Garrett - Get Way Back (2:39)

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