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Mar 30, 2008


 The Memphis Jug Band - Sun Brimmers Blues (3:25)
 Roomful of Blues - Big Mamou (3:00). Tomislav Goluban & Little Pigeon's ForHill Blues - Polka Blues (2:58)

Spinner's Section:
Duster Bennett: fingertips (Cosby, Paul) (Fingertips, Toadstool, 1974 / Castle, 2003)
Fleetwood Mac: long grey mare (Green) (-, Blue Horizon, 1968)
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings: Mississippi flyer (Wyman, Taylor) (Just For A Thrill, R and M, 2004)
Mississippi Heat: still havin' a ball (Footprints On The Ceiling, CrossCut, 2002)
Ruby Turner: ain't nobody (Krekel, Cherrill) (Guilty, Indigo, 1996)
T-99: cold rolled steel (M. den Haring) (Cherrystone Park, Sonic Rendezvous, 2005)
Andy J. Forest: who put the gris gris on me (Forest) (Blue Orleans, Appaloosa, 1996)

Back to Beardo:

 Jerome Godboo - Deep Sea Diver (3:38)
 Isaac Freeman - Don't Take Everybody to Be Your Friend (4:34)
 Trampled Under Foot - I Just Wanna Dance (7:10)
 Marco Pandolfi - I Once Was a Gambler (2:51)
 Anthony Gomes - Testify (4:38)