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Feb 17, 2008

another full hour with Spinner

Lynwood Slim: me, myself and I (I. Gordon, A. Kaufman, A. Roberts) (Last Call, Delta Groove, 2006)

Angela Strehli: close together

Rod Piazza: low down dog

Jimmy Thackery & David Raitt: watch your back (Thackery) (That's It!, Blue Rock'It, 2000)

Sue Foley, Deborah Coleman, Roxanne Potvin: so far (Foley) (Time Bomb, Ruf, 2007)

T-99: let that eagle fly (P. baas, M. den Haring) (Coo Coo, Cool Buzz, 2001)

Chaotic Footstompers: cyber friend (Laurent Cagnon) (Gotcha!, self-release, 2007)

Veldman Brothers: daytrippin' man (G. Veldman) (Home, self-release, 2007)

Tommy Castro, Jimmy Hall, Lloyd Jones: love will (J. Hall, K. Stegall) (Triple Trouble, Telarc, 2003)

T-99: 8-ball in the side pocket (M. den Haring) (Cherrystone Park, Sonic Rendezvous, 2005)

Chaotic Footstompers: les saints que je préfère (Laurent Cagnon) (Gotcha!, self-release, 2007)

Ian Parker: waste my days (Parker) (Where I Belong, Ruf, 2007)

Veldman Brothers: this pain (G. Veldman) (Home, self-release, 2007)

Homewreckers: looking for my baby



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