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Jan 14, 2008


Doyle Bramhall - Big - from Is It News on YepRoc 2008

Spinner's Section:
Cuban Heels: work me baby (J. Hidding) (Gutbucket Music, Cool Buzz, 2005)
Marble Tones: got to move (Marble Tones) (Black Coffee, self-release, 2005)
West Weston's Bluesonics: lemonade (L. Jordan, W. Grey) (-, self-release, 199?)
Big Joe & the Dynaflows: lemonade (L. Jordan, W. Grey) (I'm Still Swingin', Severn, 1998)
Johnny Mastro & the Mama's Boys: liquor store (Jimmy Reed) (Pinch That Snake, self-release, 2001)
Bent Bolt & the Nuts: the mechanical man (C. Astone, C. Mastren, L. Burgio, M. Cartman) (45 rpm 7" single, MGM, 1966)

Back to Beardo:
Mighty Lester - Hey Now - from their website
Erica Brown - Nothing Takes The Place Of You - from Body Work - The Colorado Blues Society
Root Doctor - Lucky One - from Change Our Ways for 24/7 blues...... Beardo 10am to 1pm EST of America Sunday, Monday and Wednesday