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Jan 28, 2007

Randall Bramblett - Rich Someday (from Rich Someday 2006 on New West Records )

 Spinner's Section:
Drippin' Honey: rubber band (Senorita, Sprechen Sie Love?, Cool Buzz, 1999)
Red Devils: cross your heart (King King, Def American, 1992)
Johnny Mastro & the Mama's Boys: Billy Boy (The Black Album, Nugene, 2006)
Carlos del Junco: plain old (down home) blues (Blues Mongrel, Northern Blues, 2005)
Imperial Crowns: preachin' the blues (Preachin' The Blues Live!, Ruf, 2005)

Back to Beardo:
Frank Goldwasser - Bluju (title track from original 2001 release now on Delta Groove 2007 http://www.deltagroove )
Phillip Walker - Mama Bring Your Clothes Back Home (from Going Back Home on Delta Groove 2007 http://www.deltagroove )
Tommy Castro - I Roll When I Rock (from Painkiller on Blind Pig 2007
The Mercy Brothers (Barrence Whitfield and Michael Dinallo) - Misery Train (from Strange Adventure om CoraZong Records )
South California Purples - Chicago Transit Authority (from The First Album... look it up!!!)