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Aug 4, 2012


Beardo & Spinner are trading places once more!

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Jay Hooks: easy way out (3:22) (-, Provogue, 2000)
Dripin' Honey: so well (3:36) (Love The Curse, Cool Buzz, 2002)
Angela Strehli: say it's not so (3:26) (Blonde And Blue, Rounder, 1993)
Muddy Waters: bus driver (7:47) (Hard Again, Blue Sky, 1977)
Th' Legendary Shack Shakers: piss and vinegar (2:46) (Believe, Yep Rock, 2004)
Nico Wayne Toussaint: I love you baby (5:25) (My Kind Of Blues, Dixiefrog, 1998)
Eli 'Paperboy' Reed: just like me (3:35) (Come And Get It!, Capitol, 2010)
Alain Clark: go there (4:51) (Live It Out, 8 Ball Music, 2007)
Jimmy Rodgers All Stars (ft. Jeff Healey): blow wind blow (5:00) (Blues Blues Blues, Atlantic, 1999)
Blues Factory: look at the moon (3:15) (Take A Stroll!, CRS, 2003)

Beardo's Section:

Remember Woodstock? F'that!! 8.1-3.1969 was Atlantic City Pop Festival!!!!

Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Live Version 1968 edited!!)
Biff Rose - Buzz The Fuzz (The Thorn In Mrs. Roses' Side 1968)
B B King - The Thrill Is Gone (While My Guitar Gently Weeps (CD1) 2002)
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band - Screamin' (The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 1965)
The Chambers Brothers - Time Has Come Today (Best Of 60's Hits 2009)
The Mothers Of Invention - Uncle Meat Radio Ad #1 1968
The Mothers Of Invention - King Kong Itself As Played By The Mothers In A Studio - (demo Uncle Meat acetate)
The Mothers Of Invention -  King Kong The Gardner Varieties (demo Uncle Meat acetate 1968)
The Mothers Of Invention - King Kong As Played By 3 Deranged Good Humor Trucks (demo Uncle Meat acetate)

Back to Spinner:

Tina Dixon: hello baby (1947) (2:46)
Robbie Laws: takin' the night train (5:09) (Takin' The Night Train, self-release, 1996)
Café R&B: don't wake me (5:04) (Black & White, self-release, 1999)
Stikmen: cleanin' up the house (3:42) (Livin' Proof, self-release, 2000)
Big Al & the Heavyweights: wrestlin' (4:09) (Hey Hey Mardi Gras, self-release, 1998)
Dana Gillespie: long lean baby (3:45) (Blues It Up, Ace, 1990)
Madeleine Peyroux: blue alert (4:10) (Half The Perfect World, Rounder, 2006)