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Dec 28, 2014

Bandana Blues Special

Spinner's Jazz Adventure #1

Jutta Hipp: just blues (8:42) (Jutta Hipp With Zoot Sims, Blue Note, 1957)
Leo Parker: blue Leo (5:06) (Let Me Tell You 'Bout It, Blue Note, 1962)
Sonny Clark: Sonny's crib (13:31) (Sonny's Crib, Blue Note, 1957)
Hank Mobley: soul station (9:07) (Soul Station, Blue Note, 1960)
Donald Byrd: hush (6:24) (Royal Flush, Blue Note, 1961)
John Coltrane: Trane's slo blues (6:00) (Lush Life, Prestige, 1958)
Ike Quebec: just on more chance (5:38) (Heavy Soul, Blue Note, 1962)
Freddie Hubbard: open sesame (7:11) (Open Sesame, Blue Note, 1960)
Jimmy Smith: back at the chicken shack (8:00) (Back At The Chicken Shack, Blue Note, 1960)
Lou Donaldson: blues walk (6:41) (Blues Walk, Blue Note, 1958)
Horace Silver: peace (6:02) (Blowin' The Blues Away, Blue Note, 1959)