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Aug 7, 2010


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Lee Sankey - I Don't Like My Way of Living with David Migden vocal (My Day Is Just Beginning 2001)
Howlin' Wilf & The Vee-Jays - Same Old Nothing
Shout Sister Shout - Ride My Horse
Kirk Fletcher - Natural Anthem (My Turn 2010)
Shawn Pittman & The Moeller Brothers (Do Yo Best & Can' Da Rest Triple Troubles 2010)
Colin James - Reet Petite (Colin James & The Little Big Band III 2006)
Snowy White Blues Project - One Way Ticket (In Our Time ....LIVE 2010)

Spinner's section:

some acoustic blues

Nighthawks: I'll go crazy (2:55) (Last Train To Bluesville, Rip Bang, 2010)
Candye Kane: fine brown frame (2:58) (Guitar'd And Feathered, Ruf, 2007)
Bjørn Berge: run in on a groove (4:24) (Stringmachine, Blue Mood/Warner, 2001)
Maybe It's The Blues: I ain't gonna do it (no more) (3:01) (No less Than Wireless, MW, 1995)
Snatch It Back: ballad of Edward Johnson (2:53) (Dynamite, Tramp, 1990)
Sunny & her Joy Boys: I'm satisfied (4:30) (Introducing…, Stony Plain, 2009)
Guy Forsyth: Adam's rib (4:58) (Steak, Antone's, 2000)
Eugene Bridges: big legged woman (4:04) (-, Armadillo, 2007)
Champagne Charlie: mister snake doctor man (3:57) (No less Than Wireless, MW, 1995)
Popa Chubby: stoned again (4:42) (Stealing The Devils Guitar, Dixiefrog, 2006)

Back To Beardo:

The Nighthawks - 16 Tonz (Live at The Chestnut Caberet 1983)
Peter Green - I've Got A Mind To Give Up Living_All Over Again (LIVE at Warehouse, New Orleans, LA 01/31/70)
Stones with Buddy Guy -  Champagne N Reefer- Live
John Nemeth - Mother In Law Blues (The Jack of Harps 2002)
Ron Levy - Square Business w/ Smokin' Joe Kubeck (Best Grooves & Jams 2003)
Magness/Turmes - Dummy On Your Knee (It Takes One To Know One 1997)
Jef Lee Johnson - Ain't Seen Irene (Singularity 2000)