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Mar 9, 2009


Robert Cray - Tomato - Too Many Cooks (2:50)
Reverend Horton Heat - Eat Steak (2:33)
 Spinners Section:         
cooking & eating

R.J. Mischo: R.J. come and get it (R.J.Mischo) (He Came To Play…, CrossCut, 2006)
Hoax: feeding time (Amor, Davey, Coltman, Davey) (Humdinger, Credible, 1998)
Dana Gillespie: sweet meat (D.Gillespie) (Blues it Up, Ace, 1990)
Arthur Ebeling: out for dinner tonight (A.Ebeling) (A Rainy Night In Paris, Basta 1998)
Big Joe & the Dynaflows: smells like bar-b-q (K.McKendree) (Layin' In The Alley, Black Top, 1994)
Marvin Pontiac: pancakes (M.Pontiac) (Greatest Hits, Strange & Beautiful Music, 1999)
Blaze Foley: big cheesburgers and good french fries (B.Foley) (Oval Room, Lost Art, 2004)
Big Rude Jake: dinner with the devil (Big Rude Jake) (-, Roadrunner, 1999)
Sean Costello: jelly roll (S.Costello) (Call The Cops, Blue Sun, 1996)

Back To Beardo:
Seasick Steve - Breakfast (1:34)
Seasick Steve & The Level Devils - Cheap (4:05)
James Cotton - Keep Cooking Mama (4:53)
Tab Benoit - Crawfishin' (4:24)
Carey Bell - Let Me Stir in Your Pot (3:42)
Gonstermachers - Bushmeat (4:17)
Commander Cody - Two Triple Cheese, Side Order of Fries (2:19)
Frank Zappa & The Mothers - Mr. Green Genes (3:25)
The Hoax LIVE!- Feeding Time (6:27)
Dave Fields - Rockin' At The Barbeque (4:36)
Jeremy Wallace - Broke and Hungry (4:08)
Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys - Chicken & Waffles (3:15)
Albert Collins - Too Many Dirty Dishes (6:52)

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