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Aug 10, 2009


Ronnie Earl - Peace of Mind (5:25)
Janis Joplin - Kozmic Blues (4:24)
Tad Robinson - My Love Is Real (4:41)
David Landon - Goodbye My Friend (3:22)

Spinner's Section:

accoustic blues
Monti Amundson: I live a good life (3:34) (I See Trouble, Me&My, 1996)
Archie Edwards: sitting on top of the world (4:11) (Blues 'n Bones, Mapleshade, 1991)
Rory Block: future blues (3:09) (Best Blues And Originals, Rounder/Munich, 1988)
Andy J. Forest: crazy me (2:45) (N.O. LA., Appaloosa, 19??)
Joe Filisko & Eric Noden: woopin' the blues (5:03) (Live, Diving Duck, 2006)
Frankie Miller: drunken nights in the city (3:54) (The Rock, Chrysalis, 1975)
Joe Louis Walker: if this is love (3:09) (J.Thackery, Switching Gears, Blind Pig, 1998)

Back to Beardo:

Johnny Jenkins - Down Along the Cove (3:01)
Craig Shaw & The Illuminators - Dirty Pool (4:14)
Nucklebusters Blues Band - Ex-Wife (5:20)
Monster Mike Welch - Why the Sun Sets Red and Low (2:21)
Schofield, Matt Trio - When It All Comes Down (4:52)
John Scofield - Soft Shoe (6:07)
Monkey Junk - Give Me Time (4:08)
Steve Guyger - I Tried So Hard (3:12)
Charlie Musselwhite - I Sat & Cried (3:33)
Solomon Burke - You Can Run But You Can't Hide (2:46)
Super Chikan - Crying About the Blues (8:20)

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