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Jun 6, 2010


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John Sinclair
MC5 - Kick Out The Jams (live) (Wayne Kramer & Fred 'Sonic' Smith)
John Lennon And The Plastic Ono Band
Gary moore - Ball and Chain
Anders Osborne - Love Is Taking Its Toll
Fleetwood Mac - The Green Manalishi
Bob Log III - I Want Your Shit On My Leg
Bob Margolin-WTF
Ford Blues Band - Meetin' With Some Lovin'
Elvin Bishop - Clean Livin'
Sonny Moorman - Tired of Trying
Joe Bonamassa - Steal Your Heart Away
Chris James Patrick Ryan - H.M. Stomp

Spinner's Section:

Spinner's Section:
sort of strong

Paladins: keep on lovin' me baby (4:02) (Let's Buzz, Alligator, 1990)
Big Sugar: empty head (5:13) (Hemi-Vision, A&M, 1996)
Bugs Henderson & the Shuffle Kings: blue casino (5:01) (Four Tens Strike Again,

Flat Canyon, 1996)
Chicken Shack: telling your fortune (3:05) (Accept, Blue Horizon, 1970)
James Solberg: Bubba's boogie (4:23) (L.A. Blues, Ruf, 1998)
Kinsey Report: can't stop thinking about you (4:16) (Midnight Drive, Alligator,

John Nitzinger: cats and dogs blues (2:19) (Didja Miss Me, ITR, 1997)
Jeff Beck: Beck's bolero (2:50) (Truth, Epic, 1968)
Ian Moore: nothing (5:16) (-, Capricorn, 1994)
Roy Buchanan: Ramon's blues (6:35) (Loading Zone, Polydor, 1977)

One More From Beardo:

FZ & Stevie Vai - Stevie's Spanking LIVE duet version Rome 7_10_82

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another fantatic show.....really enjoyed green manalishi...superb....thanks beardo and spinner....michael