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Apr 24, 2011


Tip Jar:

Lookin' for the real #383? The file has been corrected...

The Doors - Cars Hiss By My Window (L.A. Woman 1971)
Sisters Euclid - How Many More Years (96 Tears 2010)
Alexis Korner - Rock Me (Accidentally Born in New Orleans 1973)
Johnny Almond Music Machine - Slipping Easy (Hollywood Blues 1970)

Spinner's Section:

JW Roy: piece of the pie (3:04) (Keep It Coming, V2, 2002)
Ryan Shaw: lookin' for a love (3:18) (This Is Ryan Shaw, Razor & Tie, 2008)
North Mississippi Allstars: mud (3:25) (51 Phantom, Tone-Cool, 2001)
Morblus: sufferin' (6:19) (I can't go wrong, ViolaPop, 2007)
Smokey Wilson: bar room blues (3:15) (SW And The William Clarke Band, Black Magic, 1990)
Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom: u rockin' me (6:54) (Zim Zam Zoom, Bullseye Blues, 1996)
Blues Factory: smoke (4:54) (Take A Stroll!, CRS, 2003)
T-99: ficher le champ (3:33) (Vagabonds, Cool Buzz, 2007)

Back To Beardo:

The Assassins - Later Train (Partners In Crime)
Todd Sharpville - Can't Stand the Crook (Porchlight 2010)
Billy Price & Fred Chapéllier - Night Work (Live On Stage 2010)
Hadden Sayers - Inside Out Boogie (Hard Dollar 2011)
Gina Sicilia - Addicted (Can't Control Myself 2011)
Dave Gross - Danny's Boogie (You Don't Love Me 2004)
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - Can't Pay The Bill (The Whole Fam Damnily 2008)