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Mar 12, 2011


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Rory Gallagher - Used To Be (The Beat Club Sessions 2010 but recorded by German TV in the early 70's)
Burton Gaar - Wake Up and Watch Me Leave (Fried Grits + Greens 2011)
Kansas City Blues Band - Laundrymat Blues (Danger Zone 2010)
Chuck E. Weiss - Juvenile Delinquent (The Other Side of Town 1981)

Spinner's Section:

Pontiax (ft. William Clarke): horn of plenty (4:55) (100 miles to go, Blue Sting, 1990)King Biscuit Boy: my love lies bleeding (7:39) (Urban Blues Re:Newell, Stony Plain, 1995)Shannon Curfman: few and far between (3:54) (Loud Guitars, Big Suspicions, Arista, 1999)Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings: can't get my rest at night (3:46) (Groovin', Ripple Records, 2000)Michelle Willson: blues for a day (3:46) (Evil Gal Blues, Bullseye Blues, 1994)Marble Tones: way down in Florida (5:39) (Black Coffee, True Player, 2005)Nico Wayne Toussaint: walking down college street (4:54) (My Kind Of Blues, Dixiefrog, 1998)

3 from Beardo's vinyl vault:
Tom Jans - Bluer Than You (Dark Blonde LP 1976)
The Jimmy Johnson Band - The Twelve Bar Blues (Johnson's Whacks LP 1979)
Lowell George - Two Trains (Thanks I'll Eat It Here LP 1979)

Rico McFarland - The Other One (Tired of Being Alone 2001)
The Paul deLay Band - All My Money Gone (You're Fired! 1998)
Humble Pie - I Can't Stand The Rain (Thunderbox 1974)
The Animals - Hey Gyp (Animalism 1966)
Chris James Patrick Ryan - Little Girl (Gonna Boogie Anyway 2011)
Big Joe & The Dynaflows - Big Long Buick (I'm Still Swingin' 1998)
John-Alex Mason - My Old Lonesome Home (Jook Joint Thunderbolt 2011)