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May 12, 2013


Once again this week... just click on the tune you like to purchase!!! If you just want a single song or the whole album via digital download just click on MP3 link...for the whole physical CD click on CD link and this week iTunes and CD Baby links are included.... some are not available in MP3, but most are. Just email me if you need help!!

The Mothers Of Invention - Motherly Love (Freak Out! 1966)

Spinner's Section:
dry dry very dry

Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys: bone dry (3:44) (Pinch That Snake, self-release, 2001)
Arthur Ebeling: until the well runs dry (3:29) (Piggy Dog, Dureco, 1995)
Super Chikan: well gone dry (5:03) (Blues Come Home To Roost, Rooster Blues, 2000)
Ruff Kutt Blues Band: drown on dry land (3:25) (Mill Block Blues, Ruff Kutt, 2011)
Roy Buchanan: drowning on dry land (6:20) (Dancing On The Edge, Alligator, 1986)
Arno: high and dry (3:36) (A Poil Commercial, DeLabel, 1999)
Gary Primich: dry country blues (4:49) (Company Man, Black Top, 1997)
Dave Alvin: dry river (3:53) (Blue Blvd, Hightone, 1991)
Hazmat Modine: dry spell (4:45) (Bahamut, Barbes, 2006)
Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys: bone dry (2:47) (Beautiful Chaos, self-release, 2010)

Back To Beardo:

Arno - Mother's Little Helper (Arno Charles Ernest [Bonus Tracks] 2004)
Elmo Williams & Hezekiah Early - Mother's Dead (Takes One to Know One 1998)
Henry Butler - Mother-In-Law (PiaNOLA Live 2008)
Jerome Godboo - Mother (Humdinger 2007)
Sue Foley - Mother (New Used Car 2006)
Jackie Payne Steve Edmonson Band - Mother-In-Law Blues (Overnight Sensation 2008)
Long John Baldry with Rod Stewart - Mother Ain't Dead (Everything Stops For Tea 1972)
Memphis Slim - Mother Earth (Memphis Slim 1961)
The Nighthawks - Mother-In-Law Blues (Jacks & Kings 1977)
Downchild Blues Band - Tell Your Mother (Dancing - Road Fever 1980)
Little Richard - Thinkin 'Bout My Mother (The R&B Hits Of 1952)
Buzzy Linhart - Mother's Red Light (Music 1970)
Earl King - A Mother's Love (The R&B Years - 1954)
Jason Vivone & The Billy Bats - One Hot Mother (Lather Rinse Repeat )
John Nemeth - Mother In Law (Blues Live 2012)
Humble Pie - Every Mother's Son (Town & Country 1969)
Cream - Mother's Lament (Disraeli Gears 1967)
Bobby Radcliff - A Real Mother For Ya (Natural Ball 2004)
Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings - I Want The Mother (Blue Music 2004)