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May 5, 2013

Once again this week... just click on the tune you like to purchase!!! If you just want a single song or the whole album via digital download just click on MP3 link...for the whole physical CD click on CD link.... some are not available in MP3, but most are. Just email me if you need help!!

Of course, NOW I do a Vinyl show... AFTER I start providing links for CDs and MP3s!!!

LPs from Beardo's Underground Vault:

Johnny Reno and his Sax Maniacs - Harlem Nocturne (Born To Blow 1983) LP Only
Edison Electric Band - Lonely Avenue (Bless You, Dr. Woodward 1970) CD
The Jimmy Johnson Band - The Twelve Bar Blues (Johnson's Whacks 1979) CD
Geoff Muldaur & Amos Garrett - Sloppy Drunk (Geoff Muldaur & Amos Garrett 1978) CD
Geoff Muldaur and the Nite Lites - I Ain't Drunk (Geoff Muldaur and the Nite Lites 1981)
The Assassins - Boogie Woogie Man (No Previous Record)
The Nighthawks - Pretty Girls And Cadillacs (The Nighthawks) LP Only
Mark Wenner - Rollin & Tumblin' (Nothin' But...)
The Belairs - Rocket In Her Soul (Need Me A Car 1984)
John Hammond - Cryin' For My Baby (Southern Fried 1970) CD MP3
Johnny Almond Music Machine - Before Dawn (Patent Pending 1969) CD
Little Milton - If Walls Could Talk (Greatest Hits 1972) CD
The Siegel - Schwall Band - Break Song (The Siegel - Schwall Band 1968) LP Only
Pete Brown and Pibloklo - Flying Hero Sandwich (Pete Brown and Pibloklo Collection 1970)
Mick Abrahams Band - Why Do You Do Me This Way (Mick Abrahams Band 1971) CD
The Amazing Rhythm Aces - Just Between You And Me And The Wall You're A Fool(Full

House/Aces High 1981) CD
The Johnny Otis Show - Double Crossing Blues (Cuttin' Up 1970) LP Only
Martin Mull - Eggs (Martin Mull 1972) LP Only
Jeremy & The Satyrs - Mean Black Snake (Jeremy & The Satyrs 1968) CD

Spinner's Section:
still more rain

Keb' Mo': rainmaker (4:15) (Slow Down, 1998) CD MP3
Merle Travis: rainy day feeling [1952] (2:21) (Hot Pickin', 2010) CD
Geoff Muldaur: light rain (6:12) (Password, 2000) CD MP3
John Sebastian: rain hey rain (3:13) (I Want My Roots, 1996) CD MP3
Tad Robinson: rained all night (4:44) (Back In Style, 2010) CD MP3
Super Chikan: bus-train-rain (4:29) (Shoot That Thang, 2001) CD
Tony Joe White: Louisiana rain (4:43) (Lake Placid Blues, 1995) CD
Milton Campbell: rainy day (3:47) (Nasty Blues, 1989) MP3 single
Candye Kane: it should be rainin' (5:08) (Diva La Grande, 1997) CD MP3
Little Charlie & the Nightcats: rain (5:16) (Captured Live, 1991) CD MP3
Mason Casey: rainin' in my heart (3:48) (Soul On Fire, 2001) CD