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Mar 9, 2013


Ten Years After - I May Be Wrong, But I Won't Be Wrong Always (Undead 1968)
Frank Zappa - The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing (Capitol Theatre  10/13/1978 Early Show)
Bonnie Raitt - Special Delivery Blues (
Lenox Music Inn  8/25/1973 )
Boz Scaggs - I'll Be Long Gone (Fillmore West  6/30/1971 )
Mike Bloomfield - Love Me Or I'll Kill You, Baby (Record Plant  11/10/1974 )
Ry Cooder - Teardrops Will Fall (Record Plant  7/7/1974 )

Spinner's Section:
slow and lowdown from all over the place

[Belgium] Medford Slim Band: treat her right (5:40) (Too Much Is Never Enough, Tramp, 1991)
[Germany] Kris Pohlmann Band: heavy on my soul (10:52) (One For Sorrow, self-release, 2012)
[France] Nico Wayne Toussaint: west Helena blues (5:29) (My Kind Of Blues, Dixiefrog, 1998)
[USA] Melvin Taylor & the SLack Band: don't throw your love on me so strong (6:43) (-, Evidence, 1995)
[England] Lee Sankey: she's not alone (11:33) (She's Not Alone, Ten Year Noose, 2001)
[Brazil] Robson Fernandes: I love you so (4:15) (Cool, self-release, 2008)
[Holland] Big Blind: 3.45 (3:55) (Circus Left Town, Cool Buzz, 2009)

Back To Beardo:

Mighty Mike Schermer - Over My Head (
Be Somebody 2013)
Magic Slim & The Teardrops - Champagne And Reefer (Bad Boy 2012)
Sena Ehrhardt - Cold Cold Feeling (All In 2013)
Joe Louis Walker - Way Too Expensive (Between A Rock And The Blues 2009)
Cash Box Kings - Hot Biscuit Baby (Black Toppin' 2013)
Southern Hospitality - Don't Feel Like Going There Today (Easy Livin' 2013)
The Micronite Filters - Chasing Ghosts (Chasing Ghosts 2013)
Alvin Lee - Let's Boogie (In Tennessee 2004)