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Jul 1, 2012


Cee Cee James - Blood Red Blues (Blood Red Blues 2012)
Rocky Athas Group - Stop, Drop and Roll (Voodoo Moon 2005)
Buddy Whittington - Texas Trios (Six String Svengali 2011)
Mick Taylor - Slow Blues  (Mick Taylor 1979)
Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac Live At The BBC 1969)
Harvey Mandel -  peruvian flake (Snake 1972)
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - Steppin`out (Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton 1966)

Spinner's Section:

let's play ball

Omar & the Howlers: rock 'n' roll ball (6:31) (Bamboozled, Ruf, 2006)
Blues Company: having a ball (3:23) (Then And Now, Inakustik, 2001)
Dana Gillespie: meat balls (2:47) (Sweet Meat, Blue Horizon, 1989)
Nighthawks: high ball (3:58) (Hard Living, Varrick, 1986)
Mississippi Heat: still havin' a ball (3:54) (Footprints On The Ceiling, CrossCut, 2007)
Johnny Mastro & the Mama's Boys: 8-ball (4:24) (Take Me To Your Maker, Nugene, 2007)

T-99: 8-ball in the side pocket (2:51) (Cherrystone Park, Sonic, 2005)
J.W. Jones: let's have a ball (3:42) (My Kind Of Evil, Northern Blues, 2004)
Big Blind: bills balls (1:42) (Dressed To Win, Cool Buzz, 2007)
William Lee Ellis: bouncing ball (3:19) (The Full Catastrophy, Bellwether, 1999)
Sugar Ray & the Bluetones: I'm having a ball (4:51) (Evening, Severn, 2011)

Back To Beardo:

Oli Brown - Devil in Me (Here I Am 2012)
Tim "Too Slim" Langford - Broken Halo (Broken Halo 2012)
Paul Reddick - Whiskey is the Life of a Man (Wishbone 2012)
Vintage Trouble - Run Outta You (The Bomb Shelter Sessions 2010)
Pat Ramsey - Jammin' in the Jungle (It's About Time 1996)
Jason Ricci & New Blood - My Head Is A Bad Neighborhood (Live at Harmonicas Sur Cher Festival )
Tom Principato - Don't Wanna Do It (Live At Montreaux Jazz Festival Raising The Roof!(Remastered 2012)
The John Butch Revue - A Bite Of Butch's Ham Sammich plus GAH (Live at The Touchdown Cafe 197?)