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Apr 1, 2012

Sorry... ran out of space for this show... re-loaded it at a lower bitrate... sorry... APRIL FOOL>>>NOT! Normal setup next week...


Big Boy Bloater & The Limits - Fumble Fisted Fool (Big Boy Bloater & The Limits 2011)

Spinner's Section:
all fools blues

Little Mike & the Tornadoes: been a fool too long (2:40) (Payday, Blind Pig, 1992)
Fabulous Thunderbirds: two-time fool (2:44) (Painted On, Tone-Cool, 2005)
Barrelhouse: three times a fool (3:38) (Live, Munich, 2004)
San Pedro Slim: guess I'm the fool this time (5:03) (Another Night On The Town, Tramp, 1997)
Kris Pohlmann Band: don't make a fool of me (4:12) (One For Sorrow, self-release, 2012)
William Clarke: educated fool (2:44) (One More Again, Watch Dog, 2008)
Rory Block: lovin' fool (3:30) (Rhinestones And Steel Strings, Rounder, 1983)
Doug Jay: I'll be your fool (3:16) (Until We Meet Again, Blue Jay, 1993)
T-99: your fool too long (3:14) (Coo-Coo, Cool Buzz, 2001)
Magic Dick & Jay Geils: fool that I am (4:50) (Little Car Blues, Rounder, 1996)
Castro+Hall+Jones: be careful with a fool (6:45) (Triple Trouble, Telarc, 2003)
Ann Peebles: I pity the fool (2:59) (Greatest Hits, Hi/MCA, 1988)

Back To Beardo:

Curtis Salgado - She Didn't Cut Me Loose (Soul Shot 2012)
Geoff Achison & The Souldiggers - Little Big Men (Little Big Men 2012 re-released from 2005w/3 bonus tracks)
Kevin McKendree - Gone Awry (Hammers & Strings 2005)
Jeremy Vasques & Ronnie Shellist - Freddy's Grits (Chicago Sessions)
Jimmy Thackery & the Drivers - Cool Guitars (Drive to Survive 1996)
Colin Linden - Test Song (Southern Jumbo 2005)
JW-Jones - So Long I'm Gone (Seventh Hour 2012)
David Gogo - Gettin' Old (Soul Bender 2011)
Ian Siegal - Like Hell (Broadside 2009)
Savoy Brown - Everybody Loves a Drinking Man (Boogie Brothers 1974)
The Coasters - Young Blood (The Ultimate Coasters 1957)
Vidar Busk - If I Had The Power (Venus, Texas 2001)
Vidar Busk, Kid Andersen, Junior Watson - Guitarmageddon (Guitarmageddon 2005)