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Feb 4, 2012

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Boyd Small - Superbowl Sunday Morning (From Myspace page)
Big Pete - Driftin' (Choice Cuts 2011)
Lester Butler Tribute Band - Shake 'Em on Down (So Lowdown Tour 2002)
The Strikes - Big Pete Boogie (Bathroom Acoustics 2008)
M.O.C.T. - Pressure (Look At The Time 2010)
Big Pete & The Backbones - ( Love Me Big Pete & The Backbones)
Mannish Boys - Way Down South (Shake for Me 2010)
Red Devils -  She's Dangerous (King King 1992)
MAN 13 Featuring Lester Butler 97  - So Low Down (Thirteen 1997)

Spinner's Section:

Spinner goes acoustic!!!!

Popa Chubby: buffalo chips (1:29) (Stealing The Devils Guitar, Dixiefrog, 2006)
Catfish Keith: pepper in my shoe (2:32) (Pepper In My Shoe, Fish Tail, 1991)
Bobby Charles: the legend of Jolie Blonde (5:55) (Last Train To Memphis, Rice 'n' Gravy, 2004)
Paul Richell & Annie Raines: step it up and go (2:20) (I Want You To Know, Tone-Cool, 1996)
Chris Whitley: ball peen hammer (2:38) (Dirt Floor, Messenger, 1998)
Sue Foley: me and my chauffeur (3:46) (Change, Ruf, 2004)
Andy J. Forest & Kenny Holladay: a woman like you (2:51) (Hogshead Cheese, Appaloosa, 1995)
Dave Alvin: east Texas blues (4:07) (King Of California, Hightone, 1994)
Terry Garland: the hard luck blues (3:45) (Whistling In The Dark, Silvermoon, 2006)
Big Bill Broonzy: walkin' down a lonesome road (1951) (3:17) (Black Brown And White, Mercury, 1991)
John Sebastian & J-Band (ft. Rory Block): statesboro blues (3:36) (I Want My Roots, MusicMasters, 1996)
Johnny Madsen: I'm a stranger (3:54) (The Blues, CMC, 1998)
James Cohen: mock pollock (2:58) (High Side Of Lowdown, Northern Blues, 2003)

Back to Beardo:

Matt Schofield - One Look (and I'm Hooked) (Anything But Time 2011)
Alex Schultz - No Use Knocking (Think About It 2004)
Johnny Dyer - TWO HOUND DOGS (JUKIN' 1983)
Kirk Fletcher - Welfare Blues (Shades of Blue 2004)
Kid Ramos - I Would Be a Sinner (Kid Ramos 1999)
Ian Siegal & The Youngest Sons - Moonshine Minnie (The Skinny 2011)
Patrick Dodd Trio - Future Blues (Future Blues 2011)
Big Boy Bloater And The Limits - Ugly Way of Thinking  (Big Boy Bloater And The Limits 2011)