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Oct 8, 2011


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Bert Jansch - Backwaterslide (Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010)
Led Zeppelin - Black Mountain Side (Led Zeppelin I 1969)
Junior Watson - Spring Roll (If I Had a Genie 2002)
Kelly Richey - Jericho Road (Carry The Light 2008)
Sista Monica Parker - You're Only Good for One Thing Baby (People Love the Blues 2000)
Andy J. Forest - My Last Meal (N.O. LA. 1996)
Ian Siegal & the Youngest Sons  (Hound Dog in the Manger 2011)
Lance Lopez - DiDJa (Wall Of Soul 2004)
Kenny Blue Ray - Voodoo Chile {Jackie Payne vocal} (Soulful Blues 2000)
Michael Powers - Spanish Castle Music (Revolutionary Boogie 2011)

Spinner's Section:

more Leiber & Stoller songs

Nighthawks: if you don't come back (6:58) (Hard Living, Varrick, 1986)

Elkie Brooks: pearl's a singer (3:41) (Two Days Away, A&M, 1976)
Riff Burglars: the shadow knows (3:25) (Swag, Instant, 1983)
Peggy Lee: I'm a woman (2:06) (I'm A Woman, Capitol, 1962)
Jimmy Riddle: searchin' (2:36) (Let's Go, Briar International, 19??)
David Bromberg Band: idol with the golden head (3:47) (How Late'll You Play'til?, Fantasy, 1976)
Ruth Brown: lucky lips (2:07) (Rock & Roll, Atlantic, 1957)
Cliff Richard: lucky lips (2:43) (45 rpm single, Columbia, 1963)
Nighthawks: I'm a hog for you baby (8:31) (Rock This House, Big Mo, 1993)

Back To Beardo:

The Nighthawks - Ubangi Stomp [Live] (Best of the Nighthawks 1982)
Carlos Guitarlos - Hole In My Pocket (Blues Revue - December-January 2006 2005)
The Boneshakers - Ball and Chain (Shake the Planet 1999)
Julien Kasper Band - Chupacabra (Trance Groove 2010)