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Jun 12, 2011

tip jar :


Terry Hanck - Appreciate What You've Got (Here It Comes 2011)
MonkeyJunk - Running In The Rain ( To Behold - 2011)
Watermelon Slim & Super Chickan - I Don't Wear No Sunglasses (Okiesippi Blues 2011)
Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne - An OLD ROCK ON ROLL (An Old Rock on a Roll 2011)
Susan Wylde - Three Hours Past Midnight (In The Light 2011)

Spinner's Section:

Barrelhouse: hang on to the things you do (4:27) (Walking In Time, Munich, 2002)
Paul deLay: givin' up the body (4:10) (Heavy Rotation, Evidence, 2001)
Delbert McClinton: cease and desist (2:58) (Never Been Rocked Enough, Curb, 1992)
Woody & Paul: do re mi (2:52) (Sons Of Bitches, Munich, 2007)
Th' Legendary Shack Shakers: hunkerdown (2:52) (Cockadoodledon't, Bloodshot, 2003)
Angela Strehli: say it's not so (3:27) (Blonde And Blue, Rounder, 1993)
Dave Barrett & John Garcia: don't fight it (5:32) (Serious Fun, self-release, 2003)
Fried Bourbon: hot dog (3:12) (Natural Born Houdini, self-release, 2003)
Johnny Mastro & the Mama's Boys: fresh squeezed coolaid (3:18) (Beautiful Chaos, self-release, 2010)

Back To Beardo:

Price, Billy, & Chapéllier, Fred - Last Two Dollars (Live On Stage 2010)
Franc Robert - Why Do I Never Win? (Why Do I Never Win 2011)
Lee Sankey - She's Not Alone (She's Not Alone 2000)
Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - The Old Folks Started - (On the Street 2010)
Tracy Nelson - Feel So Bad (Victim Of The Blues 2011)
Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers - What Makes You So Tough? (Almighty Dollar 2011)