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Mar 19, 2011


Toru Oki had The Nighthawks back him up in The States and Japan. Here's Mr. Yellow Blues  copy and paste in browser

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Henry Gray - Finger Snappin' Boogie ( Lucky Man 1990)
Big Joe & the Dynaflows - What the Hell Were You Thinkin'? (You Can't Keep a Big Man Down

Terry Quiett Band - Pound Of Flesh (Just My Luck 2011)
Johnny Rawls - Don't Act So Innocent (Memphis Still Got Soul 2011)

Spinner's Section:
Jimmie Vaughan: the pleasure is all mine (3:43) (Plays Blues, Ballads & Favorites,

Proper, 2010)
Hank Ballard & his Midnighters: rain down tears (2:13) (The One And Only, King, 1960)
Jimmie Vaughan: I'm leaving it up to you (3:08) (Plays Blues, Ballads & Favorites,

Proper, 2010)
Aynsley Lister: need her so bad (7:00) (Everything I Need, Ruf, 2006)
North Mississippi Allstars: skinny woman (5:19) (Shake Hands With Shorty, Tone-Cool,

Rhythm Bombs: raisin' up my hand (4:06) (Better Be Ready, Naked Productions, 2008)
Fried Bourbon: lushhead (4:39) (Boogie Blend Blues, Music Arena, 2007)
Greg Brown: shit out of luck (2:23) (Over And Under, Trailer, 2001)

Back To Beardo:

Al Basile - 1,843 Million (The Goods 2011)
Todd Sharpville - Lousy Husband (But a Real Good Dad) (Porchlight (Disc 1) 2011)
Tracy Nelson - Shoot My Baby (Victim Of The Blues 2011)
Big Shanty - Stop Pushing Me (Collection Disc 1 2011)
Burton Gaar - I'm Down (Mighty Long Road 2000)
Yank Rachell - She Changed the Lock (Blues Mandolin Man 1990)