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Jan 30, 2011

Pic my cabin door tryin' to get Nighthawks on





This show was down..TAKING A week last month. My laptop is finally giving up...shutting down after just a few minutes of operation. A new one is being research..along with where the money is coming from. So, piecing this show together like Frankenstein's monster may yeild mistaked in the playlist... sorry.

Lloyd Spiegel - The Storm (Tall Stories)
Micky Moody - Dirty Pig Two-Step (Electric Journeyman 2009)
Lower Case Blues - Number Five (Down Home Girl 2009)
Vidar Busk, Kid Andersen, Junior Watson - Stompin Our Feet With Joy (Guitarmageddon 2005)

Spinner's Section:

George Bedard & the Kingpins: pipeline (3:41) (Upside!, Schoolkids, 1992)
Maurizio Pugno with Sugar Ray Norcia: take it all back baby (5:34) (That's What I Found Out!, Pacific Blues, 2007)
Mark Wenner & The Bel Airs: walkin' after midnight (2:58) (Mama Tried, Right On Rhythm, 2002)
Guy Forsyth: hometown boy (4:49) (Caligo Girl, Small and Nimble, 2008)
James Day: dead broke blues (4:01) (Firecracker, Neon Blue, 2009)
Guthrie Kennard: Johnny Dallas (4:54) (Ranch Road 12, Armadillo, 2005)
Gary Primich: Dallas, Texas (3:10) (Mr. Freeze, Flying Fish, 1995)
The Hoax: got it bad (4:09) (Unpossible, Code Blue, 1996)
Ian Siegal: Quarantine (3:29) (Broadside, Nugene, 2009)

Back to Beardo:

Jason Ricci - Blue & Lonesome (Live at Checkers Tavern 2005)
Booker T. & The M.G.'s - Chichen Pox (Melting Pot 1971)
The Delta Flyers - Poison Took My Baby (2010)
Arsen Shomakhov - Hit And Run (On The Move 2010)
Nathan James & Ben Hernandez - Hollerin'! (Hollerin'! 2007)
Dale Hawkins - Tornado (The Chess Story 1947-1975 (1957-1959 Part One) (Disc 7 1999)