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Nov 27, 2010


R.I.P. Little Smokey Smothers
Pick up Little Smokey Smothers and Elvin Bishop's Chicago Blues Buddies as all proceeds go to his family to help defray hospital and burial expenses. It is a great CD to boot so you and his family will benefit. Elvin talked to me recently about Smokey and it starts the show.

Little Smokey Smothers and Elvin Bishop - Remembering (Chicago Blues Buddies 2009)
Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings - Blues Train Express (Blues Evolution 2007)
Andres Roots - Shades (Roundabout 2010)
Sippie Wallace with Albert Ammons & His Rhythm Kings - Bedroom Blues (Blues, Boogie, & Bop [Disc 1] The 1940s Mercury Sessions 1945)
Bill Sims - When Do I Get to Be Called a Man (Bill Sims 1999)
Joe Louis Walker - Alligator (Blue Soul 2009)
Betty Harris - Is It Hot in Here? (Intuition 2007)
Slo Leak - Can't Kill Me Twice (When the Clock Strikes 12 1999)
Jimmie Vaughan - Dirty Girl (Do You Get the Blues? 2001)
Carlos del Junco Band - Blues Mongrel (Blues Mongrel 2005)
Whispering Smith - Texas Flood (A History Of Blues Harmonica 1926-2002 2005)
Collard Greens And Gravy - Go Back To Your Used To Be (Silver Bird 2008)
Sue Foley - Little Mixed Up (Young Girl Blues 1992)
Barrence Whitfield & The Savages - Let's Lose It (Let's Lose It 1990)
Alastair Greene Band - Look Out Baby (Walking in Circles 2009)
Watermelon Slim - No Way To Reach Nirvana (Ringers 2011)
Joe Bonamassa - Just Got Paid & Dazed & Confused (Shepherd's Bush 2007)

Spinner's Section:

another one from between the boxes

Ballham Alligators: big bad dog (2:55) (Gateway To The South, Proper, 1996)
Mikey Jr.: close to me (4:02) (The New York Sessions, 8th Train, 2004)
Blazers: nobody told me (4:33) (Just For You, Rounder, 1997)
Michelle Willson: sexological solution (6:13) (So Emotional, Bullseye Blues, 1996)
Jump'n Jive: work, baby, work (2:33) (The Big Combo, CrisCrazz, 2000)
Ian Siegal: like hell (7:57) (Broadside, Nugene, 2009)
Hamilton Loomis: slow lover (4:45) (Ain't Just Temporary, Blind Pig, 2007)
Big Blind: I'm outta here (5:00) (Dressed To Win, Cool Buzz, 2007)