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Oct 9, 2010

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Savoy Brown - Savoy Brown (Raw Sienna 1970)
Kirsten Thien - Taxi Love (Delicious 2010)
Mose Allison - You Can Count on Me to Do My Part (Allison Wonderland: Anthology Disc 1 1994)
Tom Principato Band - Don't Wanna Do It (A Part Of Me 2011?)
Freddie King - Same Old Blues (King of the Blues (Disc 1) 1995)
Chris Duarte Group - Badness (Love Is Greater Than Me 2000)
Flavio Guimaraes and Prado Blues Band - Below's Shuffle (Flavio Guimaraes and Prado Blues Band

Downchild Blues Band - Where Have You Gone (It's Been So Long - Ready To Go 1997)
Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps - Can't Say No (Blues Revue - Blues Music Sampler - Aug/Sept

Dennis Gruenling - Hoo Done Doo Dat (Up All Night 2000)

Spinner's Section:

John Hammond: fool's paradise (5:06) (Trouble No More, PointBlank, 1993)
Dana Gillespie: come on if you're coming (2:54) (Blues It Up, Ace, 1990)
Andy J. Forest: capable (5:14) (Hogshead Cheese, Appaloosa, 1995)
Doug Jay: down at the Dew Drop Inn (3:30) (Get It While It's Hot, Blue Jay, 2001)
Frankie Miller: the rock (3:34) (The Rock, Chrysalis, 1975)
San Pedro Slim: should I find (4:35) (Another Night On The Town, Tramp, 1997)
Morblus: I've been a fool (4:52) (I can't go wrong, ViolaPop, 2007)
Sonny Landreth: hell at home (3:41) (The Road We're On, Sugar Hill, 2003)

Back to Beardo:

The Imperial Crowns - Soul Deep Freak (Star Of The West 2007)
Kid Ramos - One Bar Short (West Coast House Party 2000)
Monkeywalk - Panic Temporary (More)
Scrapomatic -Graveside Blues (Alligator Love Cry 2006)
Al Basile - Termites in My Basement (Soul Blue 7 2009)
Victor Wainwright and the Wildroots - Blues In The Rain) (Beale St to The Bayou 2009)
Nucklebusters Blues Band - Ex-Wife (Somebody Better have My Money)
Blood, Sweat & Tears - I Can't Quit Her (Blood, Sweat & Tears' Greatest Hits 1972)