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Nov 23, 2008


Fontaine Brown - Got To Git (3:55)
Super Chikan - Love Cruiser (3:08)

Spinner's Section:

The Naughty Ones: trapped in a web of love (J.Burns) (I Dig Your Voodoo!, Continental, 1994)
Stinky Lou & the Goon Mat: one more time (M.Dalle) (12 Roots N Boogie Blues Hits, Voodoo Rhythm, 2007)
Andy J. Forest: makes me feel good (A.J.Forest, R.Zonca) (Blue Orleans, Appaloosa, 1996)
T-99: one man down (P.Baas, M.den Haring) (Coo Coo, Cool Buzz, 2001)
Tony Joe White: backwoods preacher man (T.J.White) (Homemade Ice Cream, Warner Bros, 1973)
Boyd Small: say when (B.Small) (…So Easy, Cool Buzz, 2001)

Back To Beardo:

Paul Mark & The Van Dorens - Feed the Machine (4:52)
Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Eddie's Gospel Groove (5:07)
Root Doctor - It's To Late To Try And Do It Right (5:48)
Jeremy Wallace - Gimme Some (2:52)
David Egan - You Don't Know Your Mind (7:29)
Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis - That's All (6:08)
Bernard Allison - When I'm gone(4:12)
Carlos del Junco Band - Doodle It (4:24)
Queen Bee and the Blue Hornets - Too Tall To Mambo (3:50)