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Nov 9, 2008


Lee Dorsey - Yes We Can Can (4:52)
Soul Rebels - Change My Life (5:16)
Tom Waits - Lord I've Been Changed (2:28)
A Change Is Gonna Come (4:20)

Spinner's Section:
more changes

Johnny Mastro & the Mama's Boys: changes comin' down (Mastrogiovani) (Take Me To Your Maker, Nugene, 2007)
Big Max: there's got to be a change (self-release, 2005)
Al Anderson: change is gonna do me good (A.Anderson, B.Dipiero) (Pay Before You Pump, Imprint, 1996)
BB & the Stingers: make the change (B.Brausewetter) (1st Blues Band On Venus, Dixiefrog, 1998)
Paul Butterfield: changes (P.Butterfield) (The Legendary Paul Butterfield Rides Again, Amherst, 1986)
Blaze Foley: oval room (B.Foley) (Oval Room, Lot Art, 2004)
Lyle Lovett: election day (B.Foley) (My Baby Don't tolerate, Curb, 2003)

Back To Beardo:

Stringbean & the Stalkers - Great Change (2:27)
Luther Allison - Will It Ever Change? (5:10)
Paul Mark & The Van Dorens - Times Have Changed (3:29)
Michael Burks - Changed Man (4:45)
The Mercy Brothers - I Believe I'll Make a Change (2:50)
Paul deLay Band - Maybe Our Luck Will Change (4:30)
John Hammond, Jr. - I Know I've Been Changed (2:19)
Jimi Hendrix & Buddy Miles - Changes (5:11)