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May 18, 2008

05.18.08 All Covers!!!

Little Milton - Poke Salad Annie (4:22)

Spinner's Section:

Bottle Rockets: you can't hide a redneck (D.Sahm) (Songs Of Sahm, Bloodshot, 2001)
Gary Primich: the girl that radiates that charm (Ron & Jimmy Isle) (-, Amazing, 1991)
Little Mike & the Tornadoes: rainy day women #12 & 35 (B.Dylan) (Flynn's Place, Flying Fish, 1995)
Marble Tones: learn to teat me right (K.Wilson) (Black Coffee, self-release, 2005)
Amos Garrett: got to get you off my mind (S.Burke, D.Bure, J.B.Moore) (Third Man In, Stony Plain, 1992)
Mighty Reapers: it's allright (C.Mayfield) (The Hurt Is On, Tera Nova, 1998)

Back to Beardo:
Dennis Gruenling - Teenage Beat (5:48)
Mike Zito - Little Red Corvette (3:54)
The Derek Trucks Band - Drown in My Own Tears (5:08)
Little Milton - Poke Salad Annie (4:22)
Ry Cooder - Blue Suede Shoes (5:21)
David Gogo - Click Clack (3:13)
Flavio Guimaraes and Prado Blues Band - Tin Pan Alley (5:05)
Mikey Jr. - Back Door Man (4:21)
Tino Gonzalez - Texas (8:40)
Joe Bonamassa - Black Night (4:22)

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