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May 4, 2008


T-Model Ford - Chicken Head Man (4:00)
Mikey Jr. - Tight Dress Woman (3:42)

Spinner's Section:
Robert Palmer: mama talk to your daughter (Lenoir, Atkins) (Drive, Universal, 2003)
Robert Randolph & the Family Band: good times (3 stroke) (Randolph) (Unclassified, Warner Bros, 2003)
Crazy Hambones: sun's gonna shine (trad.) (Blowin The Family Jewels, self-release, 2007)
Mason Casey: smellin' like whiskey (Casey) (Reefer Smokin' Man, Dixiefrog, 2000)
Super Chikan: white rock rooster (J.L. Johnson) (Blues Come Home to Roost, Rooster Blues, 2000)
Cuban Heels: gutbucket (R. Gerfen) (Gutbucket Music, Cool Buzz, 2005)

Back to Beardo:

Ronnie Earl & Duke Robillard - What Have I Done Wrong (6:45)
Paul Lamb & The Kingsnakes - Jump For It (2:39)
Craig Erickson - Me and My Guitar (4:42)
Nighthawks - Back Seat Boogie (3:02)
The Pontiax - Lip Service (3:02)
Kenny Neal - Another Man's Cologne (4:50)
Keef Hartley Band - Leavin' Trunk (5:58)
David Gogo - Louisiana Blues (3:40)
Tino Gonzalez - Scratch Jam (4:21)
Wash My Back - Luchy Peterson (6:44)

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