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Apr 6, 2008


1. James / Eyers - What About You (4:57)
2. Matt Walsh - Why My Baby not Around (4:30)

Spinner's Section:

live tracks
Fabulous Thunderbirds: feelin' good (W. Parker) (Different Tacos, Country Town, 1996)
Paul Lamb & the King Snakes: to keep a woman (Whitehill) (Live at The 100 Club, Sanctuary, 2003)
Popa Chubby: cafeine and nicotine (Horowitz) (Hit The High Hard One, Laughing Bear/Dixiefrog, 1996)
Electric Kings: trust my baby (Aleck "Rice" Miller) (Live @ BRBF 2005, Mosaic Music, 2005)
Blues Band: can't hold on (P. Jones) (Bye Bye Blues, Arista, 1983)
Dr. John: I wanna rock (Montrell, Blackwell, Marascalco) (Hollywood Be Thy Name, United Artists, 1975)

Back to Beardo:

4. Curtis Salgado - Blues Get off My Shoulder (8:28)
5. Roosevelt Dean - Juke Joint Man (3:48)
6. Mac Arnold & Plate Full o' Blues - Love & Relations (7:15)
7. Samuel James - Sleepy Girl Blues (3:31)
8. Grant Lyle - Give Me One Reason (8:59)

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