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Jul 15, 2007


Frankie Lee - Better Than That (Standing At The Crossroads by Turner, Mike/Dennis

Terry Evans - Blues & Wine (Mississippi Magic)
Mighty Blue Kings - Devils On My Back (Alive In The City)

Spinner's Section:
Georgie Fame: I want to know (Ray Charles) (The Blues And Me, Go Jazz, 1992)
King Biscuit Boy: mighty crazy (trad.) (Uran Blues Re:Newell, Stony Plain, 1995)
Mitch Kashmar: who (Bernard Roth) (Nickels & Dimes, Delta Groove, 2005)
Guy Forsyth: don't you mind people grinnin' in your face (Eddie J. House jr.) (Can You

Live Without, Antone's, 1999)
Guy Forsyth: new monkey king (Forsyth) (Can You Live Without, Antone's, 1999)

Back To Beardo:
Hamilton Loomis - He Got A Key (Just Gimme One Night)
The Wingnut Adams Blues Band - The Funk (Tub Thumpin')
John Nemeth - She Did Not Show (Magic Touch)
Grant Lyle - Broke Down Engine (Retronym by William McTell)
Twisters - She's Krazy (After The Storm)