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Mar 4, 2007

The Tonemasters - Chilly (from Podsafe Music Network)
Solomon Burke - Does My Ring Burn Your Finger ( from Nashville 2006)

Spinner's Section:
Popa Chubby: no comfort (How'd A White Boy Get The Blues?, Dixiefrog, 2000)
Buddy Guy: too broke to spend the night (Damn Right, I've Got The Blues, Silvertone, 1991)
The Blues Band: not me (Back For More, Ariola, 1989)
Shannon Curfman: few and far between (Loud Guitars, Big Suspicions, Arista, 1999)
Jimmy Thackery & David Raitt: tell me (That's It!, Blue Rock'it, 2000)

Back to Beardo:

Wynonnie Harris - Drinkin' By Myself (from Around The Clock Blues 1994 Compilation )
Shawn Kellerman - Wash My Back (from Land Of 1000 Dreams )
Billy Hector - Back Door Man ( )
Artie "Blues Boy" White - Feet Must Be Tired
Frank Zappa & The Mothers - More Trouble Every Day (from Roxy and Elsewhere)

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