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Jun 18, 2006

Carlos del Junco - Bingo (from Up and At'em 2001 Big Reed
Records )
John and the Sisters - Gun (from John and the Sisters 2004
Northern Blues Music )

Spinner's Section:
Kim Wilson: early in the morning (Smokin' Joint, MC Records, 2001)
Sonny Boy Williamson & the Yardbirds: take it easy baby (1963)
Mark Hummel: rockin' at the riverside (Heart Of Chicago,
Tone-Cool, 1997)

Back to Beardo:
Nick Curran - Lonely Nights (from Fixin' Your Head 2000 Texas
Jamboree Records )
Joe Bonamassa - So Many Roads (from You & Me 2006 Premier
Artists )
Carlos Del Junco - Heaven's Where You'll Dwell (from Big Boy or
Some Recycled Blues and other Somewhat Related Stuff  1998 Big
Reed Records )
The Sisters Euclid - Tumbleweed Tea (LIVE at The Orbit Room
October 10, 2005 ) for other podcasts by Beardo and
news on the Annual Bandana Blues held every August near Philly!!